Every morning, I bounce downstairs to start my water kettle, slip a thermometer into the spout and assemble my tea pots, my infuser and my tea cup.

 My indulgence is a pot of green tea, not because it’s healthy, (it is)   not because it’s in vogue, (it is)  not because I should.  But because it makes me happy and gives me time to be grateful.

 When the right temperature, I pour the hot water into the tea pot where I have dropped 3 heaping teaspoons of loose tea.  (Sometimes, when feeling particularly frisky, I pour the water from on high and watch the tea leaves dance to the top to the teapot.)

The rest of the hot water goes into another teapot to warm it (just like my British friends have taught me.)

 Once steeped I pour the tea into my cup through an infuser (don’t want leaves in my tea) and  the rest of it into the warmed tea pot. 


I sit, sip and let go, fully engaged in my moment of indulgence.


We have only moments.  Find a few to enjoy a cup of tea.