About Us

From a hobby to a passion, Simmer Down Tea is not a corporate conglomerate but rather the creation of one man with an aim to promote, share and explore the amazing varieties of Tea.

 The World

Traveling the world, Terry Danielson partners directly with farmers to bring not only the freshest of teas but also to promote sustainable agricultural practices by using frugal innovation practices in countries in need of economic growth.  For example, Terry has partnered with Edgerton University biochemists and scientist in Kenya under the auspices of the Kenyan Tea Research Institute to bring us a new innovation to tea, purple leaved tea. 

 Your palate

Simmer Down Tea has a mission to share and explore the infinite possibilities of tastes, flavors and healthy benefits of drinking tea.     Using innovative techniques of mixology and a myriad of flavor combinations,  our custom blends serve to appeal to your unique palate.

 Your health

The active ingredient of tea--the same catechins in red wine, cocoa beans, blueberries-- have beneficial effects of stimulating alpha rhythms whose relaxing waves calm the brain.