Quangzhou Milk Oolong

Being only produced between March to December, this milky creation was created due to a shift in the temperature during the harvest season, the almost tragedy instead helped create this delicious tea

  • Cup Characteristics: A unique character best described as 'premium oolong with sweet milk and light orchid notes peeking out from camellia depths'.
  • Origin: Fujian Province, WuYi Mountains
  • Infusion:Tending greenish
  • Hot Tea: Bring water to a boil. Place 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of loose tea in the teapot. Pour the boiling water into the teapot. Cover and let steep for 3-7 minutes according to taste.
  • Ice Tea: Place 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of loose tea into a teapot for each serving required. Using freshly drawn cold water, boil and pour over the tea. Cover and let steep for 5 minutes. Add hot tea to a glass filled with ice.

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